You can only change the product for another with the same cost or higher, paying the prize difference, only in the 15 first days from the delivery reception. We don’t give back the money except in case of defect or imperfection, although before sending a product, we carefully look over it, avoiding this way such that circumstances.

In case you want to change any product, you should send it to the following address with its original packaging. The shipping cost would be always in charge of the client, but not if it is because of an imperfection. We highly recommend the delivery to be made by shipping companies, because of the product type. Changes and refunds won’t be accepted to freight collect.

In case of customized products, changes and refunds won’t be accepted, except because of imperfection.

Delivery address in case of change:
18697 La Herradura
Granada (Spain)

If you have any doubt, you can contact us by using our contact form or in


Refunding imperfect products

If presumably the product has imperfections or it’s defective, the CLIENT must contact in the following 72 hours from the delivery with LILIAN URQUIETA in

LILIAN URQUIETA will take care of all the shipping costs (involving picking up and returning the new product), only after they have been inspected by the Quality Department and only if they confirm that there are some imperfections indeed.

The refund or replacement of the defective Product will be done as soon as possible and, in any case, between the following 30 days from the date LILIAN URQUIETA has sent an e-mail to the CLIENT with the refund or replacement Product confirmation.

If presumably, the Product could not be replaced for an identical one, the payment would be fully repayedto the CLIENT, shipping costs included. The refunds will be done by bank transfer to the account that the client gives to LILIAN URQUIETA.

You must give us back the product to the previous given address.