Personal information and safety

LILIAN URQUIETA S.L respects your concerns about privacy and follows strict procedures to protect customer information and ensures that your personal information is handled in a responsible manner. We do not disclose information you provide to third parties. Currently, LILIAN URQUIETA S.L, with legal address in La Herradura, C/Principe 7. C.P 18697, CIF 74733342-V, gathers online customer information to enhance your online experience with us, to improve and maintain the content of our website, and for marketing and promotional purposes.

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We protect your information in accordance with Spanish law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal y el Real Decreto 1270/2007, de 21 de diciembre, por el que se aprueba el Reglamento de desarrollo de la Ley Orgánica 15/1999) . In case of any breach of rules, the case will be settled under Spanish law.

Intellectual property

All material content on the website (drawings, designs, illustrations, photographs, texts, logo’s, commercial brands…) belong exclusively to LILIAN URQUIETA S.L. It is strictly prohibited for users to reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, copy, modify or sell any of the abovementioned content.

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The user cannot eliminate any references to copyright, registered trademark or other reference to intelectual property rights found on The user can make copies of pages on the website for private, personal use and non-profit, as long as the original copyright or relative intellectual propoerty rights information is left intact.

The website of LILIAN URQUIETA is a creative work covered by the intelectual property rights protection laws. The website, together with all the elements that compose it, are exclusive property of LILIAN URQUIETA. It is completely forbidden to reproduce, partially or in its entirety, any part of the website.

LILIAN URQUIETA strives to update and keep the information on the website as exact as possible. However, LILIAN URQUIETA cannot be held accountable in the case of inexact information.

LILIAN URQUIETA cannot be held responsible for any harm, direct of indirect, which the use of the website may cause the user.

Guarantees and responsabilities

LILIAN URQUIETA S.L does not guarantee the lack of errors on the different web platforms, nor does it guarantee the functioning of the website. LILIAN URQUIETA cannot be held accountable for any problems associated with the temporary disconnection of the website, or other malfunctioning.

LILIAN URQUIETA cannot guarantee the permanent lack of technical errors and will keep the website as updated as possible. LILIAN URQUIETA reserves the right to modify or cancel the website without giving previous notice.

Likewise, LILIAN URQUIETA cannot guarantee against the existence of virus introduced by third parties which can affect the user’s software or hardware.

The user must take own responsability for any damages incured by not following the above rules.